Building sets from photos [Video]

August 03, 2014

Learn how to build sets from photos using a sizing grid. This tutorial shows how to import and resize photos taken on location or found online for walls and floors.

Add Wall or Floors for your set or backdrop from your tablet camera or an image from your camera roll.

Adding a Wall Panel

  1. In shooting mode, select "Add Element" from the midbar
  2. At the right side of the midbar, select "Wall" to add a Wall Panel
  3. Select the photo for the wall panel.
  • iPad or Surface: Choose the device's camera to take a photo or an existing photo.
  • Laptop and desktop devices: Choose a photo from the file browser.
4. When you have selected the photo, the app needs a few seconds to upload and convert the photo to a format for Filmmaker Live to use on your device.
  • There is no progress indicator for this process at this version, the wall panel with the photo textured onto it should be added to your scene within a minute.
  • The wall will be added about 6 feet in front of the camera you last used.
  • You may move the wall like any other character, then select its mark

Walls are always created at an 8 foot height (96 inches). The new Element will have a Mark in the timeline with a Cue setting the height to 96 inches.

Changing the height of Wall Panels

  1. Select the Wall's track
  2. Select the Wall’s Mark on the midbar
  3. Click on “Height (in)” in the Properties list
  4. Click on the empty box below “ADD CUE” and enter a new height in inches and hit return or enter

You may resize Floors using similar steps, however changing the height will increase a floor’s thickness.

It's generally a good idea to add Wall and Floor Panels at time code 00:00:00:00.0, so the panel is visible and properly configured from the start of your scene. If you accidentally added the Wall in the middle of your shot, it's easy to move the Wall's Mark to 00:00:00:00:

  1. Select the Wall's Mark in the timeline
  2. Select the Gear icon to open the Mark's Properties Page
  3. Click on the value for the In time property
  4. Enter 0 as the new time and hit return or enter


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