Character Basics I [Video]

June 04, 2014

Learn the basic principles of character blocking and movement in Filmmaker Live.

Adding characters

  1. Touch the add element icon

The assets can be viewed in a single list or sorted for characters, locations, or props

  1. Select “Characters” from the left list
  2. Select the character you would like to add

Moving Characters

Large left trackpad: forward, back and sideways

Large right trackpad: rotation left and right

Basic Blocking using Marks

  1. Move the character to their first position, hit the check icon to set the starting mark
  2. Advance the timeline to when the character's second position
  3. Hit the operate icon and move the character to their second position
  4. Hit the check icon  to set the character’s second mark
  5. Rewind and play back

The character moves from their first mark to their second mark

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