Camera Basics I [Video]

June 04, 2014

Learn the basic principles of setting marks to operate cameras and discover shots in Filmmaker Live.

Recording takes using Marks

  1. Select a camera from the timeline tracks and touch the operate icon 
  2. To select a camera’s starting position hit the check  to set a mark
  3. Move the timeline forward to the time when the camera should arrive at the second position
  4. Select operate, move the camera to the second position
  5. Hit the check  to set the second mark

Hit the Rewind button and play back to review the shot

The camera’s marks for the move show up in the camera’s track

Operating cameras

Large left trackpad: forward, back and left – right

Large right trackpad: tilt up and down and pan left and right

Small right trackpad: crane up and down

To add a camera

Select the camera icon

  • Cameras are added in the same location and with the same lens as the last camera operated

Adjusting Cameras

  1. To change focal length, select the lens icon , click on a focal length to select, hit "Back" to exit
  2. To change a camera’s operating sensitivity speed, Select the controls icon  and choose the desired speed, Hit "Back" to exit

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