An Evolution in Visual Planning

January 24, 2015

Visual Planning isn’t new. The challenge in film has always been how to share your vision quickly and effectively with everyone involved in funding and producing the project.

Storyboards are easy to create but depend heavily on each viewer’s interpretation to fill in the details, particularly when the camera is in motion or their maker has limited drawing skills. Previz precisely shows what part of your film will look like, at great cost and lead times and generally through the eyes of a contractor who won’t actually be shooting the final film.

People used to say Visual Planning ranged from storyboarding on one end to Previz on the other, but that misses most of what matters and happens in Visual Planning. Visual Planning isn’t about creating storyboards or previz reels, it’s about increasing your production efficiency and effectiveness so that everyone understands your vision. What’s important isn't the format, it's the flexibility, versatility, understandability, cost, speed, and accuracy.

We need an evolution in thinking about Visual Planning. Visual Planning for better communications, better team alignment, and better decisions about projects.

And we would like to challenge you to start thinking differently about how you plan and the results you get and would like to get.

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