Business Level Tools for Agencies & Studios

An Agency has different needs than an Indie filmmaker. Your employees and contractors work on multiple projects for different clients. You need to be able to manage access to projects while you demonstrate your vision to your clients, you need to plan production, and you need client agreement. Filmmaker Live can help you.

Your clients also expect discretion, and Filmmaker Live Studio and Admin editions give you the tools to run your business professionally.

Filmmaker Live Studio

A complete set of visual planning tools to run your business

Each subscription includes:

  • Full Professional level capabilities
  • Enough storage to make two 90 minute films
  • Custom models upload capability
  • Pooling of storage
  • 6 day passes for use during the month
  • Share view - Unlimited meetings with 8 other people
  • Annual payment options to align with your budget process
  • Options to scale up and down with monthly users
  • Volume discounts
  • Complementary Admin license as 3rd annual subscription
  • 6 months archive storage

Filmmaker Live Admin

Administration tools to keep your business on track

  • Full Studio Edition capabilities
  • System admin functionality
  • Define access by user across scenes and/or projects
  • Access any files in organization
  • Monitor multiple user sessions in real time
  • Pool Studio user’s storage for access by everyone
  • Visibility into all saved content
  • Administer Studio, Pro, Indie, & Administrator editions
  • Ability to pool day passes

Add an administrator for $99/month

Contact for questions and volume purchases