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Nearly everyone at Filmmaker Live has had a hand in film. We’ve all seen and experienced where the bottlenecks are in filmmaking. We knew there had to be a better way to plan, make decisions, and quickly share a vision with the team, cast, and investors.

We developed Filmmaker Live to help everyone that has made or thought about making a film of any length. We want to make it easier to tell your story, get that story to others, and Share your Vision.

We asked questions and listened to filmmakers and learned what could help.

Filmmaker Live lets you quickly and easily explore the visual possibilities of your project that you can share with collaborators and investors to show your vision. Artistically expressive controls let you create your project, non-linear editing lets you make changes on the fly without starting over, working or sharing with your teams to make your project and share your vision.

To see more about our philosophy learn more visit our blog at http://filmmakerlive.com/blogs/blog


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November 2014 Release 20 March 2015 Release 20 May 2015 Release

Beta release including all available Studio features at special beta pricing, $29 for 3 months access

Multi-take recording to explore angles, shots, and options

Non-linear planning allowing the addition of cameras, characters and props and changes in focal lengths, with those changes appearing in your edited footage automatically, without starting over

Photo import for quickly assembling sets from location shots or stock footage

Real time collaboration with your team to share your project in meetings or work on the same project, across the table or country

Still shot exporting for quick discussion of sets and action

Easy to learn giving incredible productivity of 1 minute of edited footage or more per hour of planning

Filmmaker Live available for use in browsers. Use Filmmaker Live on any devise, anytime without downloading the app or a download to your computer.

Indie, Professional, and Studio levels available – starting at $19.99/month

Free Filmmaker Live limited trials

In app day passes management

Advanced meeting tools to quickly set up one time and recurring meetings and presenters

Admin level available – tools to manage project access, storage, and day passes

Grayscale display option for Pro and Studio – keeping presentations focused on your vision, not the color scheme

Printable shot lists detailing cameras, lens, and location for quick production setup

Cast list with actor and prop locations detailed by scene and shot


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For information about Filmmaker Live, Accelerated Pictures, or interviews, contact:

Jon Trohimovich at jont@acceleratedpictures.com