VR Storyboarding

How do you share your vision?


Work on VR and 2D projects together, across the table or the country. Share your vision and review your team's work in meetings and on the set.


Add new characters, cameras, and backgrounds even after testing your edit. Easily add or remove team members as your project changes.


View your scenes in 2D and 3D VR, to experience the story your audience will see. Add multi-camera shots, tracking dolly moves, location blocking, and realtime edits.


Will Jordan

“When Universal Music signed Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter Will Jordan, we knew we needed a ground-breaking VR experience to showcase Will’s artistic vision. High grade experiences like the ones we’re building for Will's fans don’t happen by accident. Filmmaker Live helps us explore VR ideas, collaborate internally, and manage costs. We can’t imagine planning this experience without Filmmaker Live.”

-Darryl Crews, Producer


Fifer Garbesi

You are sitting on the floor of a cramped studio loft, surrounded by turntables and mixers. The sun streams in a window overlooking an outdoor market and the sounds of chickens clucking and people bartering filters in softly. A tiny girl with huge eyes hands you vintage dance vinyls … so begins your immersion into Havana’s electronic music underground

“I’m currently in pre-production on a VR documentary on Cuba’s electronic music underground. Pre-visualizing for 360 Cinema can’t be done through storyboards, but Filmmaker Live allows for so much more than that. I can build out my sets, play with blocking, and even test out different camera shots in headset. Now I can seamlessly share my vision with sponsors, partners, and crew to make the dream a virtual reality.”

-Fifer Garbesi, VR Producer and Documentarian


“Filmmaker Live is designed for the kind of rapid collaboration and quick decisions our projects require. As an early participant in premium VR production, at River Studios we’re often working with major agencies, other studios, and brand partners who are taking their first steps into VR production. Filmmaker Live gives us the ability to execute on projects efficiently, while helping our partners get up to speed and gain confidence in this new medium.”

-Adam Osfield Snell, Director | River Studios