Build your sets

Use locaton photos as set walls, build green screens for VFX shots, work out blocking and timing with simple controls that make movements easy.

Discover your shots

Camera controls are artistically expressive, so you can find the shots you want. Multi-take recording lets you refine your work, even after editing.

Share your vision

Export video and stills or share your screen anytime, across the table or country. Pitch your film visually to clients, studios and investors.

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Visual Planning for Everyone

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I came from live action production, my co-founder and our team from feature animation, TV production, screenwriting, and game development. We couldn't find the tools we needed, so we built Filmmaker Live. Every one of us lives the creative process and believes filmmakers deserve the best possible tools.

Mark Parry | co-founder Filmmaker Live

Getting Started

Filmmaker Live works with Macs, PCs, and Surface tablets (iPad and Android tablets are coming soon).

Use Filmmaker Live on as many devices as you like. Have a big monitor in your conference or living room? Run the app on your desktop and drive it from your laptop using the easy built-in collaboration tools.

Making It Happen

With your set and blocking in place, add a camera to discover the shot, choose from a rich set of optically accurate lens to get the shot and coverage you need.

Script change – just go back to your edited footage and add the character, action, or camera you need for the shot and the change is made to your edited footage.

Getting It Done

Whenever you're online, invite others into your session for impromptu discussions.

Set up your meetings so subscribers can interact with your scene, non-subscribers can see but can't make changes (great for clients, investors, and studio execs).

Soon, invite anyone into your sessions, for now, get a second, collaborator account when you subscribe.

Working Together

Use your monthly supply of Day Passes to give other people who aren't subscribers 24 hours of access to work on your projects. They can work on your files even if you're not online, helping you finish your projects. And if they need more time, just give them another day pass.

  • Indie

  • $19.95/month

    Cancel at any time
    (2 year single price available)

  • Visual Planning for Everyone

  • Photo Card Importing
  • Rich Lens Package
  • Multi-take Recording
  • Video & Still Export
  • Integrated Editor
  • 1 day pass each month
  • Unlimited 2 person meetings
  • Storage for typical 30 minute film*
  • 3 months complementary archiving*
  • Coming soon
  • Pro

  • $29/month

    Cancel at any time
    (2 year single price available)

  • Professional Visual Planning

  • - All Indie Capabilities -
  • Shot Lists
  • Cast Lists
  • Grey Scale Option
  • EDL Export
  • 4 day passes each month
  • Unlimited 4 person meetings
  • Storage for typical feature film*
  • 3 months complementary archiving*
  • Coming soon
  • Studio

  • $59/month

    Cancel at any time
    (2 year single price available)

  • Business Level Tools

  • - All Pro capabilities -
  • Storage Pooling
  • Model Uploading
  • Access Controls
  • Administrator Role
  • 6 day passes each month
  • Unlimited 8 person meetings
  • Storage for two typical feature films*
  • 6 months complementary archiving*
  • Coming soon


Great academic pricing and a complete visual planning system makes it easy for students and faculty to share their vision without breaking the bank. Learn more.


The Studio edition adds business level tools for maximum productivity and creativity. Quickly control which contractors and employees have read or write access to which projects and files. Learn more.

3d Artists

Filmmakers need sets to plan their productions and share their visions. If you're a 3d modeler you can help. We'll be opening our asset store to a outside modelers shortly.

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Filmmaker Live's ease of use and powerful visual planning tools help you showcase your designs to clients, stakeholders, and planning boards.

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